Is your location close to public transit? Is there parking close by?

Our office is close to VIVA and YRT stops along Yonge Street, as well as the GO Station in Richmond Hill. There is free on-site parking available at my office location.

Are sessions confidential?

Privacy and confidentiality is so important. It is actually regulated by law. Only under certain circumstances can a therapist be required (by law) to break confidentiality. Some of these are:  

  • You state that you plan on harming yourself or someone else      
  • Someone under age 16 has been harmed or neglected         
  • You have been harmed by a practitioner who is regulated by an Ontario College        
  • The therapist's records are subpoenaed by the courts

Are sessions covered by OHIP or extended health care insurance?

No psychotherapy services are covered by OHIP unless conducted by a psychiatrist or medical doctor. Fees may be covered by extended health care insurance. You may request a receipt that you would submit to your health insurance provider or employer. 

My partner doesn't want to come to sessions, can I see you on my own?

Ideally if the issues you report are relationship issues, your therapist will want to work with you and your partner. However, we understand that some people have no desire to see a therapist. In this case your therapist will work with you to understand your negative relationship cycle and how to interrupt it so that you and your partner can do some interventions at home. Ultimately, once your partner starts to experience you differently in the relationship, it could be that you can invite him/her to contact your therapist directly to answer any questions or concerns. Our experience has been that if concerns of being judged or blamed by the therapist is addressed and the client is reassured this will not happen, then formerly hesitant clients become open to working on their relationship directly with their partner.

How many sessions will it take until we are done?

The number of sessions depends on the issues you want to work on and how we progress over time. It is common to see clients once a week to start. For individual therapy, this is one hour per week. For couple therapy a little more time is needed so the weekly session is 75 minutes. Often as clients find some relief from the intensity of their emotional issue or as couples are better able to interrupt the negative conflict cycle they are in, these sessions can be spread out to once every two weeks. Ultimately though, the number of sessions you have is up to you. 


I don't live in your area. Can you suggest other EFT Therapists that can help?

EFT Colleagues in Canada

EFT Colleagues in the United States

EFT Colleagues in Other International Locations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choosing Therapy

Therapists work with individuals, couples, and families as they deal with the stress in their lives. The therapy relationship is critical for success.

Your therapist should provide an initial phone consultation free of charge. During this time you can ask her questions and determine your level of comfort with her. Your connection with your therapist is vital to the therapy process and is open to ongoing discussion as you engage in therapy.

Your therapist will also provide information on fees, the therapy process, therapy options and an overview of your therapy agreement, which should be signed prior to beginning your therapy.